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Surplus Inventory for the Industrial Chemical Community
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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 10, 2024 4:03:34 PM EST
All items are subject to prior sale and are freight collect from the locations as indicated

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Disodium Capryloampho Dipropionate - CAS 68815-55-4. Low to moderate foam amphoteric surfactant with electrolyte stability and hydrotrope properties. Slightly dark, off-spec. 38 totes Available, asking $$0.58/lb or make offer, FOB MAG-IT Warehouse, Greenville, SC USA.

Phosphated Anionic MAP-213 - Phosphated Potassiun Laureth Sulfate - mild surfactant, high foaming. 23 drums available. make offer, FOB MAG-IT Warehouse, Greenville, SC USA.

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In Stock

Tristyrylphenol Ethoxylate, Potassium Salt - 2 drums available, 830 pounds, make offer FOB MAG-IT Warehouse, Greenville, SC, USA

Sulfobetaine 10 - CAS 15163-36-7, Dodecyl(dimethyl) amine oxide. Amphoteric (zwitterionic) surfactant. 500 kg in 2 x 250 Kg drums. Make offer FOB MAG-IT Warehouse, Greenville, SC USA.

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In Stock

Dimethyl-2-methyl Glutarate microemulsion - 8 drums available, 3,680 pounds, Asking $1.09/lb FOB MAG-IT Warehouse, Greenville, SC, USA

Oleoylamidopropyl Dimethyl Betaine -
18 drums, 8767 lbs. Mild surfactant. Asking $0.68/lb FOB Greenville, SC.

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Latest Listings

Ferric Chloride Solution - 350 lbs. Potassium Chloride granular - 1x200 pound drum, Disodium Phosphate - 98 x 50 lbs bags. Glycerine - part drum ~250 lbs, Make Offer. All items FOB Greenville, SC. Posted DN 062615

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